Monday, 14 March 2011

dear examiner

This has been my thriller blog and contains my full evaluation of ym finished product. This expresses my full experience of learning the conventions of thriller products and using this information to recreate my own thriller piece  yours sincerly Josh AKA the kingpin

7. Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

When we planned our preliminary task we didn't think about all the unanswered questions in the storylines . The. We were wary not to make the same mistakes when planning our thriller opening sequence. As a group we came up with similar concepts, and we incorporated aspects of each person's ideas and used them in our script. The good thing about the end idea was man-on-the-run as we have all watched a great amount of films which follow this genre such as Snatch.
from the preliminary task we shot a scene were one of the characters walking away from the camera. We felt that this was very successful so when considering shot for the thriller opening we decided to re-create this shot as it was a good way of using a long shot incorporating movement without moving the camera and creating the amateur affect. When writing the storyline we decided to try and include a passage were a character would be walking a away from the camera and in the final product it was very successful.

compared with the shots used form the initial preliminary task there have been many marked improvements. When holding a conversation in the preliminary task we chose to use over the shoulder shots, this made it difficult when showing from the two characters reaction a created a lot of excess editing. when evaluating this from the preliminary task in the final product we decided to cross cut the conversation between characters so there was less chance of breaking the 180 rule of loosing continuity by having the character shift out of position.

After deciding on a storyline, we began work on our script, we tried to limit the amount of dialogue and in the end it only included the short exchange between the kingpin and the henchman over the phone. we then began work on the storyboard.This required  more contemplation as we had to decide how to introduce characters, the best way to finish the sequence, and finding an appropriate location. The storyboard took around two hours to complete together, as we had to work out many factors, but we were eventually successful.

In our first shoot we all came wary after learning from our mistakes from the preliminary task . The main problem which we would have to deal with was the continuity. This is something we were conscious to correct throughout the shoot. In our opening sequence we also used a wide range of shots in comparison  to our preliminary tasks, which consisted of mostly midshots and point of view shots. The point of view shot used in our opening sequence was more appropriate than when this shot was used in the preliminary task and was more relevant. The many camera shots we used included pan shots, a tracking shot, an establishing shot, longshots, midshots, a point of view shot, close ups, an extreme close up and a high angle shot from a rooftop.
By the end of production i was quite pleased with the finished product as it took a lot of time and effort putting together the final video. In comparison to the preliminary task which contained a lot of amateur mistakes that wouldn't occur if i were to do it again.

Evaluation Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?

evalutaion question 5 :How did you attract/address your audience?

Evasion included many conventions to attract the desired target audience. The main point when trying to attract a particular audience, is to make references that only their sub-culture, rather than wider society, can relate to. This makes small groups of people with a strong identity feel understood, and they are usually very enthusiastic about the rare movies that express their attitudes and way of life.The use of social networking sites such as Twitter were used to canvas ideas and opinions for Evasion.This was used to show questionnaires and for feedback and response.
 The easiest way to make specific references to small sub-cultures is through the mise-en-scene and the language. We used some slang in the script of Evasion such as the line "My man won't know what hit him" but did not take this idea too far as this could be considered unprofessional because it may repel more people than it attracts, especially people such as film critics, whom are unlikely to be part of the target audience and therefore may become uninterested if there are lines which they do not understand.This could lead to negative feedback and less of the target audience would be likely to watch Evasion due to the bad reviews. 
The whole cast are young males in the UK which would make this audience feel greatly represented and understanded, and of course two sides are shown, the pursuers; who were the more evil people in the script, and in contrast; the supposedly innocent man-on-the-run. Other aspects that the target audience can relate to are the appearance of the characters, which include popular fashions among young men in the UK who follow the urban sub-culture, and the setting which of course portrays a typical neighbourhood on the outskirts of London, which would look similar to where many of the target audience who have grown up or lived in a city or the outskirts of for a large portion of their lives. 
Some scenes such as the one where the kingpin is speaking in a hostile manner to the henchman over the phone, may appear quite shocking to older generations who in some cases would not expect to hear such aggressive speech towards so that lead to negative response. The portrayal of a gun in the film also may appear shocking to these people as most UK residents have never seen a gun on the streets, which is of course an idea incorporated in our movie. 
The audience sees the storyline from the perspective of the henchmen if anyone. The only point of view shot used is one of the henchman watching the man on the run crossing a road. The viewer, following the henchmen's characters would develop an opinion, and hope for the man on the run to escape, as they can see the henchmen's and kingpin's aggressive attitudes and violent intentions, which would put them off the character. This idea of the audience developing a preference of a certain character, and siding with them, would make them more intrigued by the movie, and create more suspense when their favourite character is in danger of being captured or killed.

evaluation 4: who would be the audience for your media product

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